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Ultimate Martial Arts Combat (UMAC)

Client: Roda Eson International Fight Club, Beijing, China


With access to China's leading Mixed Martial Arts fighters, ArtyBright were charged with the creation of a new platform, which would showcase mixed martial arts in China through an exciting inaugural event to be held in Beijing and later post produced and aired throughout China.

Services provided by ArtyBright in the creation and staging of the inaugural “UMAC” event held in Beijing April 18 th 2009 included,

Financial Management
Market Analysis
Brand Creation
National and Local Sports Bureau Liaison
Venue Management
UMAC Branded Music by Wang Yu Xiang
Media Planning
TV Broadcast Negotiation
Production rundown design and Implementation
Event Management (Stage, Set & Lighting Design and Installation)
Post Edit Production
TV Broadcast Syndication

The event held on April 18, 2009, at Beijing's 2008 Olympic Weightlifting Stadium, was a resounding success and packed with some 5,000 people including sports industry specialists, government officials, martial arts industry representatives and fans, who watched 11 bouts of fighting with 3 Title belts awarded for the first time in Mainland China. Filmed by Shanghai Great Sports TV, and covered by some 60 news and media outlets, the event was aired as a two-part program early May 2009 and received high audience ratings with the program among the TOP 10 exceeding viewership's of other popular sports such as NBA, MotoGP and badminton. The event has since been syndicated to Beijing Sports TV Channel 6 and will be later broadcast on Channels throughout the Yangtze Delta region.

Featuring a creative production rundown and innovative stage, set and lighting show, the event ha set a new benchmark in the Chinese market and has confirmed the rising popularity of the sport in China.

“Ultimate Martial Arts Combat” (UMAC), adopts the common rules of international Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) integrating the sports boxing, Sanda, Muay Thai, free style wrestling, Greco Roman wrestling, Chinese wrestling, Mogolian wrestling, Tae Kwon Do, Jiujit-su, Brazilian Jujitsu, Judo, Karate. Termed “the decathlon of martial arts” it allows athletes using differing styles of martial arts to compete on the same stage, using open rules within a fair and safe environment.

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85公斤级选手宝力高出场 85公斤级选手宝力获得金腰带 UMAC裁判团
Aartybright音乐总监在音响控制区 UMAC比赛进行中 美女选手出场
拳手比赛 金腰带展示 65公斤级杨建平获胜
国家体育总局领导观看比赛 现场5000观众观看比赛 盛世长城策划总监


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