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Wang Yuxiang
Director - World Music Production

Wang Yu Xiang, previously a rock musician, now devotes his talents creating music for clients in the film, TV, live performance and sports industries. Specialising in the new trend of “World Music” Yu Xiang creates uniquely branded tracks, which combine traditional Chinese music with modern International themes.

Throughout his career, Yuxiang has developed respect and valuable relationships among those in the international music and Chinese music Industry. Having toured throughout many International regions experiencing diverse and rich cultures, Yu Xiang has always been deeply fascinated in the

collection and composition of music that combines Chinese culture with the rest of the world.
Yu Xiang's projects include music creation for

•  “The mysterious Maya" in the China Millennium Monument, 2002 winning the CCTV annual award for Best Documentary Soundtrack.

Theme music for the documentary "Incarnated Lama" winning the Sweden "Polar prize" annual

•  award of Best Documentary Music in 2004.

•  Composition of the album "Gift" a collaboration of famous rock musicians in China which gained the "China Top Music" annual award of Best Album and Best Production in 2005.

•  Theme music for the CCTV documentary "Olympic 100 years".

•  Theme music for Singapore National Television.

•  Theme music for "TIGER" beers G lobal TV commercial .

•  Theme music for "Nestle" coffee's Asia-Pacific TV commercial

•  Theme music for 2009 UMAC (Ultimate Martial Arts Combat) Sports Event produced by Shanghai Great Sports TV.

Aside from Yuxiangs key achievements he has created theme music for various other movies, TV programs, documentaries and advertising such as "Prosecutor Notes" and "The copper drum" to name a few.

Yuxiang's interpretation of World Music

A music style which combines Western Music together with improved and adapted Chinese traditional regional music.
Spiritual music, acoustic or electronic, a wild and natural universe of space washing over the spirit of the audience,

Music that is both elegant, classical, cultural, delicate, spiritual International music underpinned by Chinese themes.

Music that searches for a harmonious state, the mutual connection among different races, cultures and spirits all over the world. That Ponders on ancient and spiritual wisdoms left behind by time.

Yuxiang has already completed with the orient national international music (personal music album).

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